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Welcome to Lightwise by Lean Frontiers!

lf-bold-betterLean Frontiers has long provided some of the world’s leading lean-related Summits and Workshops. Now, we are pleased to offer FREE quarterly webinars aimed at enterprise-wide engagement in lean thinking. Here you will find recorded webinars from some of lean’s most recognized and experienced practitioners. Webinars are organized by “business unit” (Accounting, Sales, HR, IT, Product Development, Supply Chain, etc.) upcoming-live-webinarsand by “core skills” for sustaining a lean transformation (Leadership, Kata, Coaching, TWI).

Why are we doing this? Because if Lean is a “business model” (and it is), then it makes sense that EVERYONE in the business both understand and actively support that model. But far too many individuals are absent in the lean enterprise. These webinars are designed to create “Ah-ha!” moments so that everyone understands their unique role in a lean transformation. Share this with others in your organization for a more fully engaged lean enterprise.